Run, Meghan, run

It was only a matter of time

They knew

Deep down, they knew

That you were neither a subordinate or an equal

An uncomfortable limbo for them all

In the middle

As you straddled the boundaries of race

Within yourself and within their minds

They knew

Honestly, they knew

That your presence and tenure was unlikely to dent their prejudices

That, at some point, something


Would break

The tension.

You were handed a boulder of expectation

Of preconceptions to conquer

And told to run and to smile and to keep silent, at the same pace

She does it, why can’t you?

So you held up, and as you tripped you smiled, kept silent, and kept pace

But they knew

It was never going to be enough

Now’s the time

Refuse to lend the pen to the next chapter in your lives

The princess remains, inside

Be the princess who remained

With us…

A princess

Safe journey,

Take care


Family ripples

Pains me how

She found her one

My girl

Then realised, sadly

It wasn’t ‘their one’

But surely it wasnt meant to be?

They’ve had their time

For her happiness is hers to keep

Not to weep

over the lose of what could have been

Due to their voices, their views

She walks away

Another friend bowing to the weight of culture on her shoulders

Strike one on that tally

And again, we succumb



Misplaced debates



But why was it never a dress?  Why is there a persistent need to reject all associated with the “woman”, if it surfaced before the emergence of modern-day feminism?


Leave dresses alone! As a feminist it is my right to wear one without feeling pigeonholed into an identity that is seen to be both dated and a reinforcement of gender binaries.


Rant over



Periodic Statements

Common phrases and questions uttered when experiencing period pain like no other:

“They (men) have no idea”

“The things our kind go through for them (and for women too); men, squeezed out of us only to have the audacity to create and maintain a patriarchal society that touts our sex as a weakness, exploiting our differences in biology”

“Jannah: what some of us have to do to get there *sigh*”

“Maybe this is payback for sin XYZ. In that case *sigh*”

“God does love the patient ones”

“But when will this endddder!!!?!!”

“Cant wait to meet Sumayah and Asiyah in Jannah, hook up with those martyrettes *smiles* be patient girl”

“…wait, one was stabbed to death and the other was tortured. You ain’t a real martyr *sigh*”

“How long ago was Ibroprofen invented anyway?? Surely there must be a faster chemical combination for them to use in the “faster action” capsules??”

“Why are the capsules red? bet it’s men taking the Musa out of us on the sly. Tramps”

“I hate GlaxsoSmithKline”

“I’m gonna leave my job and become a real,feminist pharmacist”

Phobia Flash

When you’re in the doctors’ waiting room, and Donald Trump news turns up on the big screen. And two,rather sick* elderly people burn a hole through the side of your hijab with their beads when they hear a recap of his Muslim immigration policy…

I promise, hand on heart,Shariah does not cause deep vein thrombosis.

(*sick because they are also waiting for a doctor. Im not that judgemental, its only Wednesday)

My latest research idea


thinking of taking a mixed methods approach to conduct

“an ethnography of Bearded Muslim Men ”

discovering the link between unkempt bushiness and self-validating behaviour such as perceived righteousness, and outright arrogance.


flip it on its head

perhaps we can start with a null:

“There is no correlation between bushy beards and brash minds”

on page 1




“Don’t be silly”


on page 2






Falsities Muslims say #2

“My Islam is in my heart, it’s all about what you feel”

And BLTs are halal.

Like whatthefatwa. Just say you’re trying. We all are. We are all making mistakes everyday. Don’t be a cop-out, you owe it to yourself to give it a stab. God let you know Him for a reason. Keep trying.

KhairulJazaa. Anytime




Falsities Muslims say #1

“Come over some time, sister, anytime, come over!”

Why? Just why? Give me a date in mind dammit, or just say “hope to see you soon”.

Do you revel in in your own failed plans? Have a scoresheet to tick off your broken promises and use these as a cheap bonus when you’re running low at the end of the day??


Don’t include me in your game.


KhairulJazaa. Anytime.